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Tasic&Partners is a young and dynamic law office with nine associates offering a wide array of corporate services to companies in both public and private sector. In addition to our legal expertise, clients can rely on our knowledge of market and commercial advice, experience and professionalism, but also trust our legal counsel or any other legal assistance. We constantly invest in education and professional training of all members of our team in order of successfully leading our clients through regulation in dynamic and transitional environments such as Serbia and other countries in the region. Our primary goal is to provide legal services that will enable our clients to stay within the applicable legal framework, while our reward are content and successes of our clients, regardless of our contributions to such successes.

We are proud to say that we are among few law offices who have coped with public-private partnerships, which we perceive as our humble contribution to environmental protection, energy efficiency and upgraded quality level of utility and services of public interest in general. Our legal consultancy also includes step-by-step guidance in transactions such as M&A, stock exchange trading, privatization and reorganization processes, as well as all types of statutory changes of legal entities.

Apart from the legal consulting, T&P also provides standard legal services which include court and arbitration representation in all types of proceedings, corporate housekeeping, assistance in day-to-day understanding of all aspects of corporate governance and decision making process, whereas our corporate practice often intersects with closely related practices – particularly tax, accounting, and auditing, why our team also includes associates that are considered experts in their field of action, all in order of providing a complete service to our clients.

We always try to gain and keep our clients’ confidence throughout entire engagement period by dedicating necessary time, attention and resources in order of fully understanding our clients’ business needs and expectations, but also by providing services that imply quality and result, at the minimal cost of the client. We support innovative ideas and apparently complicated projects, with the single goal of constant developing our own capabilities and knowledge but also investing into constant development of all business aspects of our clients and associates.
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ADDRESS: Obilićev venac 15
Belgrade 11000
phone/fax: + 381 11 630 22 33
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